Thursday, 15 February 2018

Top Best Free Microblogging Sites List

Microblogging is one of the best off-page SEO activity. It is very useful in Website Promotion.

What is Microblogging Sites?

Microblogging sites are the online platform where people can post, share, re-share text, content, images and videos. It help to improve quality backlinks as well as generates huge traffic on your website.


Thursday, 8 February 2018

Google's Dominance

When internet marketers think about search engine optimization for websites, they usually concern themselves with the algorithms of the Google search engine. Even though there are other search engines on the internet like Bing and Yahoo, it is the Google search engine that people use the most. Therefore, webmasters must optimize their websites to cater to the algorithms of the Google search engine if they want to attract the most visitors.

A lot of people wonder, why is Google the most dominating search engine on the internet? Even their website’s design is so plain that it looks like a high schooler designed it. How did this plain looking search engine become number one? Well, it became number one because of its engineering and development, not its design.

During the early years of Google’s rise in the late 1990's and early 2000's, other search engines were strictly relying on metadata to rank their websites. The problem with this was that it would rank a lot of webpages from the same domain together in the search results. Therefore, when people went to search a keyword phrase, the results page would show all the webpages from just one dominating website.

Google had a clever idea on how to make their search engine produce better results for people. Instead of their algorithm relying strictly on metadata, it would rely more on backlinks data instead. That way, different websites would show up on a search results page and offer more variety to those searching for websites to visit.

As for Google’s all-white design, there is an interesting story behind that. When Sergey Brin, who was the co-founder of Google, had first started creating the website, he knew very little about HTML coding. HTML, of course, is the markup language that web designers use to arrange text, tables, forms, images, and other content on a website in a particular way. Sergey wasn’t interested in creating some fancy design. All he wanted was a simple webpage to test out his search engine on. This became the all-white page that we’re all familiar with today. Although Google now has the power to change this design, the simplistic look of Google is what most people are familiar with now so the company has kept it that way ever since.

Google makes most of their revenue from Google AdWords. This is a platform where advertisers can purchase traffic from their website through a pay-per-click system. In addition, Google AdSense is another platform of theirs where publishers can actually make money from displaying the advertisements of those advertisers who set up campaigns through Google AdWords. With both advertisers and publishers using Google, their platforms have helped businesses from all around the world to grow and develop into something better.

Another big reason why Google continues to dominate is that they’re always investing in new technology and companies. The popular video sharing website YouTube is a popular example of this. In 2006, after YouTube was online for a little more than one year, Google purchased YouTube for around $1.65 billion worth of stock. YouTube was already one of the fastest growing websites during that time. Now that Google owned it, they soon began to incorporate their Google AdSense platform into it. That way, successful video publishers could make money from the traffic to their videos. Not only that, but their videos would easily rank in Google’s main search engine as well.

From there, Google started integrating themselves into all new areas. They created their own web browser called Google Chrome. They have their own brand of laptops called Chromebook. They’ve developed their own mobile operating system for smartphones called Android. Other technological areas that Google has expanded to include smart glasses such as Google Glass and Google Contact Lenses. They’ve even created a virtual reality platform called Google Daydream. It seems like whatever hot technology is available to consumers, Google wants to be right there to develop something better than any of the competitors in that market. That is what makes them a dominating company. 

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Importance and CEO Strategy

If you are the CEO of a business, whether it is a brick-and-mortar business or an e-commerce business, you need to have a website setup on the internet to establish yourself. That way, people from all around the world will be able to discover your business, even if it only caters to your local region.

Why, you may ask? Well, when people from other locations are traveling to your area in the future, wouldn’t it be nice if they already knew about your business before getting there? If they learn about your business online, then they will make it a priority to stop at your business after they arrive at your location. In addition, you can also start selling products or services to an international customer base that you could have never reached before without a website. Therefore, establishing a website presence for your business is crucial in this day and age.

As a CEO, you need to have a strategy for your company’s internet marketing. This doesn’t just mean purchasing pay-per-click advertisements or posting up classified advertisements. Instead, you need to strategize the search engine optimization of your website so that it will rank well in search engines like Google. If you are able to rank your website high enough in the Google search results, then you will get lots of free traffic to your website. The trick is knowing how to get your website ranked high with the right optimization techniques.

The problem with a lot of webmasters is they don’t understand search engine optimization. Either that or they don’t have any written plan or strategy on how to pull it off. What you must understand about SEO is that it is not an overnight process. It is something that takes consistency and time in order for it to rank your website better.

By consistency, you must consistently be optimizing your website on at least a weekly basis. This means regularly updating the content of your website with fresh content. Google is able to detect if the content on a website is outdated or not. If it detects that your website’s content is outdated, it will either lower its rank or possibly blacklist it all together. That is why fresh content is essential for a high search engine rank.

As for time, it can take days or weeks for Google to re-crawl its listed websites and update the rankings of them. But don’t expect to make the first page of the search results within the first few months. The only true way to accomplish this task is to have lots of backlinks to your website. This is something that only time can accomplish. Even if you try purchasing backlinks from some service provider online, it will never be enough to boost your website’s rank to where you want it to be.

On top of that, most of these backlink providers will not be creating backlinks on reputable websites. In order to master the backlinking strategy, you need to get your backlinks on websites that are already ranking high in Google. Again, this is something only time will accomplish as you develop your website and the word-of-mouth spreads about it. Sometimes you can sneak your URL address onto a blog or forum post on these websites, but that won’t be as effective as getting your backlink on the front page of the website. That is where it really counts.

Overall, your search engine optimization strategy should be part of your business plan. If you already have an established business without a strategy for internet marketing, then it is time that you revise your plan right away.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Top 30 Free UK Business Directory Listings Sites

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Monday, 25 September 2017

How To Get Free Backlinks From High PR Sites Quickly?

There are many off-page SEO techniques which help to build quality backlinks for your site. Below are the list of websites which can help to boost your search engine ranking...

Free High PR Blog Commenting Sites List for SEO Link Building

Blog Commenting is best SEO link-building techniques to build high authority backlinks for your website. Use High Quality unique description for each blog Comments to increase your site Google, Bing & Yahoo search engine ranking.

Here is the free Blog Commenting sites:-

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